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Percaset is a common misspelling of Percocet (acetaminophen/oxycodone).

What is Percocet (Percaset)?

Percocet (Percaset) is used to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain. Percocet (Percaset) may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Percocet (Percaset) is a combination of a narcotic and an analgesic and antipyretic. The narcotic (oxycodone) works by binding to opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord, while the analgesic/antipyretic (acetaminophen) in Percocet (Percaset) helps reduce the levels of prostaglandins, which helps reduce pain and fever.

Percocet (Percaset) side effects that you should report to your doctor as soon as possible include:
  • allergic reactions like skin rash, itching or hives, swelling of the face, lips, or tongue
  • breathing difficulties, wheezing
  • confusion
  • light headedness or fainting spells
  • severe stomach pain
  • yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes

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