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Tramadol - Is there anybody out there? Please I need help so bad :(?

Posted 12 days ago 10 answers

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Everyone, I'm scared! I started Harvoni today and I feel so blessed that my insurance paid for it. I

I am in great shape and I take lots of vitamins, however, I have always had heart palpitations. This is my first day taking Harvoni, my heart does not feel right at all!!! I ...

Posted 6 days ago 7 answers

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How do I get my anxiety under control?

I was diagnosed with anxiety as a child and every year it gets worse. The past 2 years have been the worst by far. This past month I haven't been able to leave the house and ...

Posted 8 days ago 9 answers

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What can I take in order to sleep?

I suffer from bipolar disorder and insomnia. I can not sleep more than 3 hrs. , I do not sleep during the day, avoid caffeine I do not smoke, I eat healthy but no matter what, I ...

Posted 6 days ago 5 answers

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Anxiety and Stress - Is there anything that can be taken for instant anxiety relief. I'm on anti?

... depressants but im still struggling with anxiety and some times it will come on while im at work and i cant shake it all day so i just cry and cry. I've not gone into ...

Posted 3 days ago 4 answers

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Alopecia - I take hydroxyzine, buspar, and wellbutrin. Which of these meds could be possible causes?

... of recent thinning hair or hair loss? These are the only meds I take. I know that anxiety itself can cause these problems. Has anyone had this hair problem with any of the ...

Posted 10 days ago 8 answers

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When does zoloft actually start to kick in?

I was previously on lexapro, and while I didn't seem to have any bad side effects (expect sex drive) I know It's only been a week.. But it seem's its been giving ...

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

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Does binge drinking cause anxiety?

I am a 25 year old man and have suffered from anxiety for years. I have drank alcohol for years and enjoy to have a drink roughly about twice a week. When I drink I roughly have ...

Posted 3 days ago 3 answers

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A middle - aged man presents a prescription from a urologist for Tamoxifen 500mg twice daily?

- state the clinical issues which should be raised with the prescriber. - briefly discuss how to dispense the above prescription.

Posted 3 days ago 2 answers

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